Drilling Extension Pole



Forget about ladders and scaffolding, attach an impact drill or hammer drill to the DE-POLE extension rod and drill safely, ergonomically and efficiently directly from the floor up to heights of over 4.5m.

DE-POLE is designed to fit different brands of impact drills and hammer drills, both electric and battery versions. At the end of the extension rod, there are versatile adjustment possibilities, with which machines of different brands can be adjusted to the right position.

Drilling upwards is a painful work step for the shoulders and neck, the power of drilling with an extension bar is done with the foot pedal, which takes the strain away from the upper body. The extension rod has a mechanism that automatically starts the drill when the bit touches the ceiling.

This is the perfect tool for drilling and fixing water holes in hollow tiles or various hangers and fasteners.

With the help of this tool, you can easily and quickly move to the next drilling point. Also works in stairwells and other difficult places.



The height is adjusted with the help of a three-part telescopic tube, and the extension rod can be used to drill to a height of 2.40m – 4.50m. Without a foot pedal, by lifting the bar by hand, you can reach a height of over 6m.

The telescopic rods are made of powder-coated light and durable aluminum.

The saddle and foot pedal of the impact drill are made of steel.

The universal attachment mechanism fits most impact drills and hammer drills on the market. For example: Makita, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Hitachi, Bosh, Hilti, etc.

The saddle weighs 1.4kg, the telescopic bar 2.3kg and the foot pedal 1.5kg, i.e. only 5.2kg in total.

Product code: DE-POLE
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Made in Finland.

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