FinnPole has developed products for professional builders to ensure safe
working, good work ergonomics and on the other hand work efficiency is increased by up to 35%.

Let's work smart!


About the company

Finnpole oy is a Finnish innovative company that loves to solve problems and develop solutions for them. Our team has extensive experience in various construction projects and renovations. We have also been involved in many different product developments

FinnPole products are designed to improve work safety in particular. Instead of climbing ladders and scaffolding, our products allow you to do the same job safely from the floor. When the extra climbing is eliminated, it speeds up work significantly. For example, we have a tool developed for balcony sites, which is used to install the anchoring link safely from the floor.

We have also paid attention to working positions. For example, those who have drilled upwards with an impact drill know how hard the upper body gets. Drilling upwards causes neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. For example, the power of impact drilling with an extension rod is done with the foot pedal, so the upper body is not strained.

Our products are universal, you can use them with machines from several different manufacturers.

We have new products under development and we are happy to accept challenges, so you can advise us on work steps or methods that require improvement.

With our tools, working is up to 35% faster.

Our tools increase the safety and ergonomics of construction sites