Multi Extension Pole



The extension pole is designed for several different uses when working upwards without ladders or scaffolding.

The upper end has a 6-cornered 13mm holder, which enables, for example, the installation of threaded rods in the lower ceiling. A threaded rod of suitable length fits inside the extension rod and thus the work speeds up considerably. Installation is also possible in tight spaces.

Comes with a head for ½” sockets.

It is possible to attach different ends to the extension rod.

As accessories, we have e.g. anchor link installation tool.

The lower end of the extension rod has a ½” spindle for a ratchet wrench or bolt gun.

Our product development continues to plan more equipment to meet customer needs.



With the help of a two-part telescopic tube, the length of the extension rod can be adjusted from 1.27m to 2.36m. This enables working at heights of up to 4m.

Product weight 1.6 kg

The telescopic rods are made of powder-coated light and durable aluminum.

The ends of the extension rod are made of steel.

Product code: ME-POLE 120
EAN: 6429830156802

Product code: ME-POLE 150
EAN: 6429830156857

Our products have a 2-year warranty.

Made in Finland.

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