Our selection includes new types of J-Hooks for cable pulling

Whether you do temporary or permanent cable pulls, our new types of J-Hooks offer a new opportunity to operate.

With the butterfly mount, you can take advantage of the threaded rods that already exist. The butterfly bracket is easy to install with one hand between the threaded rods. The butterfly mount locks firmly onto the threaded rod and can be moved or removed just as easily as installing it.

J-Hooks with magnets are available in different sizes, both ceiling and wall. There are also magnets for different amounts of kilograms.

As a stock product we have:
J-Hook CAT-16 with butterfly mount
J-Hook CAT-16 wall and ceiling with 23kg magnet
J-Hook CAT-21 wall with 36kg magnet

We are able to tailor fasteners according to your wishes. Magnets can be found up to 116kg.

J-Hook CAT-16 hook dimensions 26mm x 50mm
J-Hook CAT-21 hook dimensions 35mm x 50mm

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